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The "Straight Talk" DVDs allow everyone to gain insight from top professionals in the field. If you are an archer struggling with consistency, you're in the right place. "Straight Talk" series DVDs are designed to teach archers, at any level of development, the techniques professional archers use to become consistantly successful.

"When I started the Straight Talk Productions archery series," says producer Gene Brehm, " I wanted to help archers learn correct form and technique. Those of us who learned on our own probably didn't learn how to shoot a bow correctly. Most of us developed some form of target panic because of improper technique."

"I went on my first archery big game bowhunt in 1961, but I didn't learn how to shoot a bow correctly until the early 1990's," laments Brehm.

When Gene Brehm founded Straight Talk Productions, he was employed as the video producer at The Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks. He was also Kansas' statewide Bowhunting Education Co-ordinator. He has used his skills as a video producer and his passion for archery and bowhunting to develop the best archery skills instructional DVDs available in the world.