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Straight Talk From Michael Braden

Straight Talk From Michael Braden
Michael Braden

"Straight Talk From Michael Braden" is a new archery skills DVD production (released 3/11/05). In this 42 minute instructional program, Michael Braden explains the techniques that have helped him stay in the winner's circle for nearly a decade. Michael burst onto the scene in 1996 as the ASA "Rookie Of The Year". Since then, Michael has proven to be competitive not only in 3D, but also in marked field and indoor spots. Michael has won seven national titles proving that he has a system that works.
"Straight Talk From Michael Braden" will help both beginners (get started with proper shooting form and technique) and highly experienced archers. 3D competitors and hunters will benefit greatly.

In this DVD, Michael explains his form mechanics in detail. Information that will not only help the experienced archer, but will set the standard for starting new archers.
Michael’s DVD teaches archers how to make their performances more consistent, especially under the pressure of competition, by developing and consciously following a detailed shot sequence.
There is also a section on setting and shooting all types of release aids. This section teaches techniques which allow an archer to fire any release by a process and not by an action (punching). Possibly the highlight of this section is when Michael explains his use of back tension. He teaches a system quite different from simple rhomboid contraction.
Michael also shows how he uses various practice drills to strengthen his ability to aim, judge yardage, and to help those with target panic control their actions.
There is something for archers at any level in this DVD. Since Michael personally shoots an index finger release, it will be especially helpful to those archers who are primarily interested in hunting.

Price $30.00