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The Self-Reliant Bowhunter

The Self-Reliant Bowhunter

The Self-Reliant Bowhunter Is all about teaching you to become a bow mechanic. It includes a three DVD (orver four hours) instructional program aimed at teaching any compound bow shooter how to select, set-up, tune, and maintain his, or her, hunting bow.

Have you ever been far from a proshop needing to make repairs or adjustments to your bow? Have you wished you knew how to make those changes yourself? These DVDs are the answer. With access to the right tools, Michael Braden will show you, in detail, how to be a total bow mechanic...plus much, much more.

3 DVDs - Over 4 Hours of Video - The Topics Include

Tools For the Home Shop
Determining Your AMO Draw Length
Tying Nocking Points and D-loops
Installing and Tying-in Lift-cords to Fall-away Rests
Cam Synchronization
Adjusting the Draw Length of Your Bow
Tying-in a Peep
Addressing Cam Lean
Paper, Broadhead, and Bare Shaft, Tuning
Checking Vane Clearance
Leveling Your Bow Sight on Three Axes
Setting Your Sights
Making a Log of Your Bow
Replacing a Center Serving
Replacing Your Strings and Cables
Arrow Fletching
Shot Sequence and Execution
Determining Arrow Length and Spine
Practice Drills for Hunters
Selecting a Release Aid...and much more!

Price $30.00