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Preview out takes from the DVDs

Sample From "Straight Talk From The Pros"

"Straight Talk From The Pros" is filled with great tips from twelve of the best archers in the world. This DVD concentrates on the problems caused by shooting a release aid improperly.

Sample From "Straight Talk From Michael Braden"

Michael burst onto the scene in 1996 as the ASA "Rookie Of The Year". Since then, Michael has proven to be competitive not only in 3D, but also in marked field and indoor spots. Michael has won seven national titles proving that he has a system that works.

Sample From "The Self-Reliant Bowhunter"

Professional archer Michael Braden and video producer Gene Brehm have teamed up again to bring you a three DVD (over four hours) program on the topics of selecting, setting-up, tuning, and maintaining a hunting bow. If your goal is to become your own personal bow mechanic, this program will teach you most of what you'll need to know.